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In the Ring: Comprehensive Fight Analysis of Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

by Leni Loud
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Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz through a unanimous decision at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Saturday night.

Diaz, an MMA star known for his pro-boxing self-expression, had announced the fight as a sellout favorite of the crowd. But the result of the 10-round showdown between the 26-year-old Pol and 38-year-old Diaz had little impact on the jubilation.

The judges scored it 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 in favor of Pol.

Pol, who knocked down Diaz in the fifth round, was confident he would win the fight and believed Diaz had only won one round on the judge’s card. “Though he’s a fighter, you know? I hit him in the first round, and he’s still there, and nobody has hurt him that much,” Pol said.

Pol is not just young but powerful and has proven himself as a skilled boxer.

“He’s really tough,” Pol said of Diaz. “He’s known for that. But this game is not easy.”

With the victory, Pol bounced back from his first loss – a split decision to Tommy Fury in February.

Pol has raised the stakes for MMA fighters at the MMMA, previously defeating Ben Askren by first-round knockout, Tyron Woodley by split decision, and Anderson Silva by unanimous decision.

Diaz is expected to return to the UFC, possibly for a trilogy fight against Conor McGregor.

“It’s tough. I wish I could have done better and do better things, but everything’s fine,” Diaz said.

Jack Pol, Nate Diaz rematch… at MMA?

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz is heading toward a rematch – outside the cage, not the boxing ring.

After the fight, Pol rejuvenated his offer of $10 million for a fight with MMA’s other popular fighter, Diaz, at the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

“Let’s make it happen at MMA again,” Pol said in an in-ring interview. “Make it fair. I’ve beaten him, and now it’s your home territory. Let’s do it, MMA.”

A few minutes later, Diaz was asked if he wants to do more boxing or MMA.

“I’ll do MMA or boxing,” he said. “MMA is doing well. (Pol) has a win, and I have to get one back. So I’m sitting on that. Let’s see what happens.”

Pol did not offer any specific proposal about how the payout would work from the $10 million offer for professional fighters.

Pol also said he’s interested in a rematch with Tommy Fury, who defeated Pol through a split decision and caused Pol’s first loss as a professional boxer. Since then, Pol has changed his trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

“I’m trying to get it back,” he said about Fury’s injury. “This new team is making me a different fighter.”

Jake Paul’s post-fight interview

Who won Jake Pol’s fight?

Jake Pol defeated Nate Diaz unanimously. The judges scored it 97-92, 98-91, and 98-91 in favor of Pol.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz highlights

Round-by-round analysis

Round 1

Boxers are feeling each other out. No significant connections yet. Now Jake with a left hook. Nate takes a shot. Now a takedown attempt by Nate. Jake is staying on him and no significant damage. Nate is coming forward and throws a few jabs, but nothing lands to affect Jake. Nate goes for a clinch, but Jake keeps him at bay. Nate throws a right hand that misses. Jake lands a couple of strong shots to the body. Nate is still staying on him, but no significant exchanges yet. Nate lands a jab. Jake tries to come over the top with a big left but misses. Nate lands a nice right hook. Nate is staying aggressive, and the round ends with one minute left. Nate throws a few jabs, and Jake is keeping him at a distance. Nate is trying to get inside, but no significant damage. Now, Nate comes forward and throws a couple of punches together. Jake is staying active and throwing combinations. Nate is trying to counter, but not much landing. Nate tries to get a takedown but is unsuccessful. Jake throws a powerful right hand that lands. Nate counters with a hook. The round ends. Jake 10, Nate 9.

Round 2

Nate comes forward aggressively, but they clinch in the middle. Jake lands a couple of shots to the body and Nate still backs off. Nate comes forward again and throws some punches – but nothing that seems to bother Jake. Nate is described as orthodox, although anything but orthodox. Jake throws a combo landing a big hook. Jake has Nate on the ropes and throws a couple of powerful shots. Nate is laughing. Nate goes for a clinch but doesn’t seem to work. Nate tries to throw a one-two punch, but not much power. Nate is staying in front and looking to land some shots, but nothing major. Now, Nate throws a one-two and lands a significant right hand. Jake counters with a big shot to the head. Nate lands a few jabs and a hook. Jake is coming forward, and they exchange shots. Nate is landing more than one punch in a row. Now, Nate has Jake against the ropes, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered. Jake 20, Nate 18.

Round 3

Nate is coming forward. Jake lands a powerful uppercut and a body shot. Nate is trying to clinch but without success. Nate throws a hook but not much power. Nate is trying to get forward and throws a combination – but nothing that bothers Jake. Nate’s clinch attempt is unsuccessful. Now, Nate lands a significant hook upstairs. And Nate is still coming forward. The crowd yells “Diaz, Diaz!” Jake lands a powerful shot, and Nate seems to be in trouble. Nate goes for the clinch, but he doesn’t connect with authority. Now, Nate goes for a takedown, but it’s without power. Nate tries to throw a few punches together, but Jake counters with a big shot. Jake 29, Nate 27.

Round 4

Nate goes for a clinch but seems content. But Jake counters with a big uppercut. Nate seems to be in trouble with the clinch. Nate throws a punch but misses the target. Nate is keeping in front and trying to throw a hook, but not much power. Now, Jake lands a big shot on Nate’s head. And Nate is still coming forward. Nate tries to counter with a hook, but not much happens to disrupt Jake. Now, Nate goes for the clinch and gives Jake a few shoves. Jake 49, Nate 45.

Round 5

At the beginning of this round, Jake appears even more powerful. Is Nate playing possum? Suddenly, Nate gets a surprise hit! At 38 years old, this MMA fighter is determined to catch Jake, landing a big left hook, and down goes Nate!!! However, he quickly gets back up and beats the count. Jake lands a heavy blow. Nate seems to be in trouble again. Nate stares at Jake, now giving him a mean look. He’s coming back at Jake! But, Jake knocks out Nate’s mouthguard. Again. Jake at 49, Nate at 45.

Round 6

Jake starts the round with two big shots. Nate tries a left counter, but misses with force. Nate throws a punch towards Jake and lands a haymaker. But Jake looks unscathed. Jake is undeniably a powerful boxer. Is it going to be a nail-biting few final rounds? Jake at 59, Nate at 54.

Round 7

Jake lands another heavy punch, waking Nate up. Was he playing possum? It seems Jake is in control. Well, Nate is not backing down. He’s moving forward with a punching combination. He’s still moving forward. Jake at 69, Nate at 63.

Round 8

Diaz is pressing, but Jake is delivering powerful counters. He is slipping Nate’s punches effortlessly. But Nate keeps moving forward. The crowd is still enthusiastic, cheering for “Diaz, Diaz!” Jake throws two powerful lefts, but Nate is coming forward. A big exchange between them! Jake with a straight right and a big hook. The round ends, but Nate lands on Jake! Jake at 78, Nate at 73.

Round 9

Nate is searching for an opportunity. Feinting. The audience is cheering again, “Diaz, Diaz!” Jake fires two strong lefts, but Nate avoids them. But he’s moving forward again. Jake backpedals and keeps his distance. Nate stalks Jake for an opening. Nate lands a couple of uppercuts! Jake looks bothered. Jake at 88, Nate at 82.

Round 10

Nate knows he needs a knockout. He’s talking to his corner and Jake attacks. Nate throws a hard right. Jake backpedals. Nate is pressing forward, calling for a KO. Jake is trying to lure him in. Nate is swinging at him. But the referee separates them. Nate takes a deep breath, but this won’t be a victory for him. Jake at 98, Nate at 91.

How much did Nate Diaz make for fighting Jake Paul?

According to Sports Payouts, through DraftKings, Nate Diaz was expected to earn around $500,000, with the potential to reach approximately $1.5 million depending on the number of views.

How much did Jake Paul make for fighting Nate Diaz?

According to Sports Payouts, through DraftKings, Jake Paul was expected to earn around $1.5 million for fighting Nate Diaz, with the potential to reach approximately $2 million depending on the number of views.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz Fight Result:

  • Jake Paul wins by decision
  • Amanda Serrano vs. Heather Hardy: Serrano wins by decision
  • Chris Avila vs. Jeremy Stephens: Avila wins by decision
  • Ashton Silva vs. William Silva: Silva wins by KO
  • Shadasia Green vs. Olivia Curry: Green wins by decision
  • Alan Sanchez vs. Angel Beltran: Sanchez wins by decision

Nate Diaz Walks into the Ring:

Nate Diaz is in the ring. He made his entrance to the rapper E-40’s music. Diaz had met his brother, Nick – a skilled MMA fighter – before meeting Diaz that evening.

Jake Paul Walks into the Ring:

Jake Paul is in the ring. He made his entrance with his brother, Logan Paul – who made it just in time – and rapper Lil Durk.”

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