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Earthquake Euphoria: California Bounces Back with Minor Damage

by Soyed Abdul Monem
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5.1 Magnitude Earthquake: There is no significant damage or initial reports of impact from the earthquake. A few emergency workers had to struggle among themselves to push one person. California’s overall vulnerability will be demonstrated on Sunday afternoon. Close by the extreme precipitation of the intriguing subtropical tempest, firemen close to the Oregon line were fighting a fierce blaze that had developed to 2,000 sections of land for the time being.
And afterward, the ground started to shake.

Oh, the central 5.1 magnitude earthquake in California wasn’t expected to cause severe damage. But residents of Los Angeles, 60 miles southeast of the epicenter, felt the swaying, which was long enough to take notice.

A 3.5 magnitude earthquake often feels like a quick jolt, as if someone has pushed your desk. A seismologist from the US Geological Survey likened the earthquake to a slightly more meaningful version of that, capable of causing minor cracks in walls.

Although most of Santa Barbara County, just 15 miles from Ojai, felt the earthquake in varying degrees, reports of damage have not been received so far, said Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management’s Public Information Officer, Jacqi Ruiz. “People felt the shake, and they’re alert, and there’s no impact,” Ms. Ruiz said.

She said that on Sunday, local workers were handling multiple emergencies, hoping that the rain would hold off until the top of the rainstorm, which is expected to stay until 4 pm, and a fire that had started on Saturday continues to burn in the northern part of the county until 10 pm.
“A very busy day,” said Ms. Ruiz.

However, Sunday’s earthquake was relatively moderate compared to some larger earthquake disasters in California. The 6.7 extent tremor that struck the Northridge area of Los Angeles in 1994 delivered in excess of multiple times the energy of the present Ojai quake.

The Loma Prieta seismic tremor, which killed in excess of 60 individuals in the San Francisco Sound Region in 1989, was in excess of multiple times more remarkable than the Ojai earthquake.”…

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